Little Angus Butchers Christmas Offers

Order Your Christmas Turkey & Hampers from Little Angus Butchers

We have special offers for the festive season! All offers are subject to availability, so contact us to discuss your requirements if you cannot find what you are looking for on our online shop. We deliver across Dorchester and surrounding areas.


Little Angus Butchers Seasonal  meat pack offers

Christmas Offers

Order early to avoid disappointment.
Our Christmas turkey & hampers are selections of quality meat and poultry which offer excellent value for money.



Fresh Hen Turkeys                       £9.50 kg
Fresh Bronze Turkeys                 £12.50 kg
Fresh Stag Turkeys                      £7.50 kg
Boneless Tukey Breast               £10.50 kg
Turkey Puddings                         £10.50 kg
Fresh Oven Ready Geese          £15.50 kg
Heavy Roasting Chicken 6-10lb    £8.50 kg


Topside              £10.50 kg
Boneless Ribs    £18.50 kg
Carvery Ribs       £15.50 kg
Whole Fillets       £29.50 kg


8oz Rumps    £3.50 each
8oz Sirloins    £4.50 each
8oz Fillets       £8.50 each
8oz Rib-Eye    £5.00 each


Boneless Legs Pork              £5.50 kg
Boneless Loins Pork              £6.50 kg
Pork Steaks                                          
Boneless Gammon                 £5.50 kg
Boneless Smoked Gammon    £6.50 kg


English Lamb Chops      £13.50 kg
English Legs Lamb        £14.50 kg

Sausages / Bacon

450g H/M Sausages                               £6.50 kg
450g H/M Sausages Meat                      £6.50 kg
450g H/M Gluten Free Sausages           £6.50 kg
450g H/M Gluten Free Sausages Meat  £6.50 kg
400g Rindless Streaky Bacon               £4.00 Pkt
450g Rindless Back Bacon                   £2.50 Pkt
450g Rindless Smoked Bacon              £3.00 Pkt
Pigs N Blankets (40)                            £8.00 Bag

Special offers from Little Angus Butchers. Get your Christmas turkey & hampers delivered to your door anywhere in Dorchester and surrounding areas.